About the Artist

Artist PortraitI’ve been painting landscapes since the early nineties, often working in pastels to make small versions which I then use to create larger, highly textured acrylic paintings on canvas. All of my paintings are based on photographs I’ve taken in places where I have lived: the Netherlands, Minnesota, and Washington State. I use the pictures as a reference point while working from my studio in Seattle, Washington.

When creating a painting, I strive to communicate the essence of a particular place on earth and the feeling it evokes. I’m drawn to landscapes with a tenuous quality about them, the shifting display of colors and lines that nature’s constant transitions present. It might be the way the sunlight hits the bark of trees, a reflection of woods on a lake’s surface, the mingling colors of grasses and foliage, or the shadows of branches on ice. Witnessing these fleeting moments is an honor and I feel compelled to share this visually in a way that will remind others of the evanescent wonder that constantly surrounds us. My aim is to give viewers just enough detail so that they can then bring their own individual emotions, memories, and insights to each painting and co-create landscapes along with me.